A Music + Storytelling project

Sacred:Human explores healing and solidarity through music between LGBTQ people and the Catholic/Christian faith communities from which they are excluded.

Sacred:Human seeks to transform that pain and division by inviting artists to collaborate on an album of newly recorded songs—a mix of original, traditional, sacred and secular—that celebrate what is simply good, true and beautiful.

Inspired by Building A Bridge, Fr. James Martin’s book and forthcoming documentary film, Sacred:Human bears witness to that rootedness and to the essential dignity of all God’s children. It aspires to testify to the power and grace that music inherently possesses to transcend difference and division.

Producers: Tom Booth, Bill McGarvey and Paul Heck

Tom Booth is a renowned Catholic songwriter, producer, musician, retreat and mission presenter and his songs are well-known in liturgy and worship. Tom has also written three #1 songs for Christian radio.

Bill McGarvey is an award-winning writer and musician who has written on the intersection of culture and religion for numerous outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and NPR. He is a longtime friend and colleague of Fr. Martin at America magazine.

Paul Heck has produced many albums in the Red Hot AIDS Benefit series that have raised $20 million to raise awareness and fight stigma around HIV/AIDS.